Sustainability Pitch: Pitching It Over Zoom

We hope everyone is healthy and making the best of our current situation—looking forward to seeing you all in person for one of our events soon!

Speaking of events, we were proud to host our (virtual) Sustainability Pitch of 2020 last weekend. It was a jam-packed event, with a full day 1 roster of speakers and a solid day 2 combination of participant pitches and judging.

We kicked off the event on day one with our keynote speaker, Kehkashan, who provided us with some of her inspirational and knowledgeable insight on the harsh reality of our world’s environmental state, and who has empowered many teenagers to help make the change we need to see in our world!

Next Christina from Power Over Plastic shared with us some of her valuable insights on how to finance a sustainable business, including tips about selling on Etsy. Then after lunch, we were fortunate enough to have Rochelle, the founder of A Greener Future, join in with us and share her marketing strategy, as well as her tips for gaining more volunteers. Lastly, we heard from Kelly, the founder of Fashion Takes Action, who is working towards advancing sustainability in the fashion industry through a variety of collaborations and campaigns.

The second day was jam-packed with pitches and presentations, after which our judges (Sean from GREENish and Marissa from Shot of Gold) had to make the tough decision of ranking all of our participants for prizes!

To those who tuned into our event, we can’t thank you enough for attending our Sustainability Pitch Event and we hope you had a great time just as much as we did!

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without our participants, sponsors, judges, and panellists. Thank you to everyone who presented, judged, sponsored and pitched last weekend—you were all amazing!

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