Going Zero-Waste, Post-Pandemic: A Recap

We hope you have all been enjoying the wonderful patio weather we’ve had recently! And for anyone who attended our most recent event, we hope you all enjoyed the amazing discussion that took place.

This webinar was the second of its kind that Pitch It Green has hosted, and the fourth event we have hosted virtually (for a list of our events, see here). As you saw in our last newsletter, the theme of this year’s webinar centered around zero-waste (or low-waste) living and how we can transition to it post-pandemic. Scroll to see a quick recap of the event!

The event began with an introduction about Pitch It Green’s impact and legacy, followed by an introduction of our two speakers: Laylo (Road To Zero Waste) and Calla (Less Waste Co). After a 15-minute introduction, we moved into our 45-minute panel discussion, where we discussed definitions of zero-waste, greenwashing, barriers to living a zero-waste lifestyle, and how the pandemic has impacted our waste management systems.

Our audience had many amazing questions about reducing waste, so our event filled up the whole hour! At the end, we wrapped up with a quick thank-you and a gift-card giveaway to an amazing local restaurant, Avelo. If you missed the giveaway, don’t worry since we’ll be hosting another Instagram giveaway this Saturday! Follow us here to stay updated.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who attended, financially supported, spoke at, and spread the word for our event. We would not have been able to host this event without all of your support, and we hope you enjoy our future events!


The Pitch It Green Team

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