Our Mission

To support youth aged 15-25 to create green businesses through

education, pitching, mentorship and networking.

Our Vision

To create the next generation of leaders that embrace environmentalism and entrepreneurship, otherwise known as ecopreneurs.

Our Values


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Our Guiding Principles

  •  Accelerating the transition towards a circular economy 

  • Thriving by supporting our local community of small businesses

  • Striving to be socially just and inclusive in all of our work

  • Believing that we should be accountable and transparent

  • Basing our actions on factual, well-researched evidence 


Our History

Pitch It Green started as a catalyst for environmental change in the entrepreneurial community in Toronto. Pitch It Green's founder, Lauren Castelino, was an active environmentalist and entrepreneur, starting her own all natural skincare business at 15 and being part of many environmental efforts including creating an organic vegetable garden at her high school. 


Pitch It Green initially started out as an environmentally friendly subscription box service, with aim aim of supporting small, local and sustainable businesses in Toronto. However, upon realizing the need for a platform for young ecopreneurs and Lauren’s desire to instill environmental values in future entrepreneurial leaders, Pitch It Green ’s true vision of creating the next generation of ecopreneurs came to fruition.


Throughout the years, Pitch It Green has grown and evolved to be a non-profit supporting youth to create green businesses, and since our humble beginnings reaching over 5000, led by a youth team of 17!