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Building the next generation of ecopreneurs

Who We Are

A youth-led non-profit organization on a mission to build the next generation of ecopreneurs by providing them with the necessary tools to equally embrace environmentalism and entrepreneurship. Our ultimate vision is to develop a sustainable and inclusive economic model that will profit people and planet alike.

Our Key Areas


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What is an Ecopreneur?

An “ecopreneur” is an entrepreneur (or intrapreneur/leader) focused on creating and selling environmentally-friendly products and services. Ecopreneurship is a new way of doing business – a way to create sustainable business models, working with and for the environment. We believe that ecopreneurs should take a circular and systems view of business, and will not need a traditional business case to do the right thing. We also strongly maintain that ecopreneurs should consider intersectionality, and to recognize inequality in the fact that environmental destruction largely impacts marginalized communities.

Our Impact


individuals reached

in local communities across what is currently known as Canada through our events, workshops, and engagements


known youth

ecopreneurs created

through our

unique programming


diverse speakers, mentors and judges

from small sustainable businesses, non-profits, academia and more

Our Funders & Strategic Allies

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